BSD is in the business of helping executives secure optimal levels of coverage at the lowest costs to protect their businesses against legal actions brought against their companies based upon actions of their officers, employees and directors.

Under-protection is potentially devastating while over-protection siphons off valuable cash that could be allocated to operations.

For many organizations, business liability insurance decisions have included too many assumptions and too much guesswork.

Our business is helping you recognize and evaluate risks specific to your industry and organization, and to help you protect your operations and reputation with the right amounts and types of insurance provided by insurers with histories of reliability, support and affordability.

BSD Insurance specializes in three areas of liability insurance addressing legal claims concerning the actions of owners, managers, employees, directors and officers.

We’re not a casualty or healthcare agency that treats the highly specialized area of liability coverage as an add-on. We are unique in that respect.

The specialists of BSD have the operational, industry, and financial skills to help you determine optimal levels of coverage. And, as a BSD client, you are assured that, when a claim arises, skilled legal teams will be there to protect your assets, equity and reputation so all involved in your operations can maintain uninterrupted focus on their jobs.

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